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05 Oct Buyer's Guide for Horse Rugs
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What is a "denier," and why does it matter?Most horse rugs have a 600D, 1200D, or 1680D rating. The higher the denier count, the tighter the weave of the threads and the longer the fabric will last.How heavy should the rug be?There are rugs of different weights to keep your horse comfortable all yea..
22 Sep How to Fit Half Chaps
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Looking at some new Ariat half chaps? Use this guide to make sure you order the perfect pair...To fit half chaps, you'll need the following:The breeches, socks, and boots you usually wear to ride, or clothes that are similar to what you normally ride in.A chair with a flat, straight back.A flexible ..
21 Sep LeMieux Toy Pony in the Top 10
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Christmas will be here before we know it – I know you think it's still summer, but you'd be surprised how quickly winter comes around. If Santa (that's you) needs any help with toys this Christmas, the experts at John Lewis (and their team of little helpers) are ready to help!They have tested and su..
20 Sep Leather Care Tips
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Here are a few things worth knowing about leather boots, jodhpur boots and Hoppiboots…Leather is a natural material, so the marks on it are not a flaw.There are a lot of things in the environment that can damage the boots and make them less useful, which is why it's so important to take care of them..
19 Sep Waterproof Clothing
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The best waterproof riding trousers are nothing short of a winter lifesaver for many equestrians. Everyone considers a waterproof riding jacket, but if you’ve not tried waterproof riding trousers or waterproof breeches before, then this winter could be a new experience for you. Not only do they keep..
18 Sep Choosing the Right Bridle
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Choosing the right tack for your horse is just as important as a regular dentist and farrier checkups because a non-fitting saddle or bridle can cause much damage to the horse. This article gives you a guideline on what to keep in mind when it comes to bridles and how to check for yourself if the br..
18 Sep Ariat Release New Boots
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Ariat has released a selection of new additions to the Palisade riding boot collection. Developed over the past three years for the European market, these riding boots are said to contain a host of advanced technology and Ariat describes the design as its “sleekest yet”.The first item in the collect..
18 Sep Ice Boots
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Everything you need to know about Ice Boots ...Tack rooms are often bursting with boots for every occasion, yet you may be unfamiliar with ice boots or unaware of all the options. So, what exactly are they and why would your horse or pony need them?Cold therapies have been used for centuries to help..
18 Sep These Boots Are Made For ...
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Boots form a protective barrier on the horses legs to prevent knocks and injuries, either from their other legs or external elements. The various forms are suited to different disciplines and activities. The question is, which ones do you need?Brushing BootsUsed to protect the lower part of the hors..
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